Continuous Miners


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JA Engineering is proud to be a mining supplier which engineers and manufactures world class mining technology products.

Criteria for the new Wildcat CM:

  • Ergonomic considerations
  • Safety and best operating practices considered at the start to identify and mitigate safety risks.
  • Some existing continuous miner limitations have been reduced.
  • Increased reliability / life of components.
  • Cutter drive engineered for improved control and to reduce stalling tendency.
  • Some basic machine mining specifications can be altered by the changing of some components.
  • Advanced technologies have been used in the manufacture.
  • Newer advanced technologies relating to personnel proximity location are also being implemented.
  • A lower risk approach has been used aiming for Zero Harm.

Specification of Machine

The Wildcat JAE42 CM is a remote controlled mid-high seam double pass continuous miner. The machine is capable of transforming a high installed cutting power through the machine weight into real production and cutting performance. The Wildcat JAE42 CM is engineered to be used in a room and pillar coal mining operation, where a high cutting force is required.

Total miner length 12,1 (m)
Total miner mass 110 (t)
Minimum tramming height 1,9 (m)
Width across main frame 3,32 (m)
Ground clearance 280 (mm)
Cutting width 3,65 (m)
Cutter drum diameter 1320 (mm)
Minimum cutting height 2,2 (m)
Maximum cutting height 3,95 (short barrel cylinder) (m)
Maximum cutting height 4,7 (long barrel cylinder) (m)
Cuttable rock strength (UCS. Lacing to suit) 70 MPa
Cutter motor power 2 x 200 (continuous S1 rating) (kW)
Loading capacity 50 (t/min)
Spade loading width 3,36 (m)
Conveyor width 960 (mm)
Conveyor capacity 50 (t/min)
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 1500 (l)
Tram speed-variable 0 -20 (m/min)
Ground pressure 0,220 MPa
Total installed power 828 (1000 V / 50Hz) (kW)

Features and Benefits

  • 200kW S1 cutter motor delivering 300kW cutting power
  • Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVFD) AC traction system (2 x 85kW)
  • Fully integrated collision avoidance system (“PDS”)
  • Traction brake to hold miner at face during cutting
  • Wider tracks for lower ground bearing pressure
  • Track pad engineered to improve slewing
  • Higher power traction motor and cutter motor design
  • Improved cutter drive torque protection
  • Cutter head feedback control in sump and shear mode
  • High inertia cutter drums for reduced stalling
  • Cutter drum lacing custom engineered to suit mine conditions